What Does SB Mean on Snapchat?

SB meaning Snapchat

If you are new Snapchat user, you might have gone through different terms including Snaps, Streaks, Snap Map or different acronyms. Social media have different short terms which may confuse a lot people especially the new users. You might have using Snapchat for a while and someone send you a Snap with a Text “SB”. Now you’re thinking What is SB? What does SB mean? These types of short terms can be confusing but has their own meanings.

If you want to know what doest SB means and how to respond to SB on Snapchat, just read on:

Here we will discuss all about:

  • What does SB Mean on Snapchat?
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  • How does SB work on Snapchat?

What does SB Mean on Snapchat or What is the meaning of SB?

SB is a short form for Snap back. Actually, Snapchat has a system called Snap Streaks and it is something like when you and your friend send each other Snaps daily, it will count as a Streak. If you send each other Snaps daily, your Streaks will increase daily and it will show next to the friend’s name.

To prevent breaking the Snap streak with you, your friend may want an SB from you. That is the reason they told you to SB. Its just an action as they are telling you to message them back in the form of a Snap.

How to Respond to SB on Snapchat?

To respond to an SB back, you just need to send them a regular Snap or video of anything. You can directly record any Picture or video from Snapchat camera and send the snap to that person and you have perfectly responded to an SB.

Another way to respond to a friend SB is:

  • Open Snapchat.
  • Go to Chats and open that friend’s chat.
  • Tap on the camera button & take any picture or video from Snapchat.
  • Now hit on the send button.
  • Done! You did a Snapback to that friend.

As you just send a snap to a friend now it will be counted as a Snapback if they already sent you snap that day. And if they didn’t then you can ask them to SB to you.

How does SB work on Snapchat?

SB works as simple as sending a random snap to a friend so that their streak will continue on Snapchat. To maintain the snap streaks, they tell you to SB them and you have to send a snapback. Just remember, there are many hardcore Snapchat users that are too desperate to maintain their streaks. There are many people who are maintaining a streak for thousands of days too. Streaks does not give you anything but you can say you just get some points for using the app.

If you keep maintaining streaks with your friends then there might be a possibility you will get a friend’s emoji right next to you and your friend’s name. There are different friend emojis on Snapchat which has a different meaning. Some of the friend emojis are Yellow heart, Red heart, Pink heart, double hearts, etc.

Final Words

Not only Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook also have acronyms or slang which people use normally. Remembering all of them might be a hard practice but need not to worry as we are here to help. Snapchat is a very big platform and apart from SB, there are also a lot of acronyms. Some of them are related to SB i.e, SFS or SS which means Snap for Snap, and AFA i.e, Add for Add. We hope you got the answers to your questions & if you got any questions, let us know in the comment section.


What does SB&F mean on Snapchat?

SBF means Snapchat Best Friend on SC.

What does streaks SB mean on Snapchat?

Streaks on Snapchat refers to Snap Streaks when two person message or send snap to each other for three or more days to start a streak and SB means to Snap Back to maintain that streak.

What does GMS and SFS mean on Snapchat?

GMS stands for Good Morning Streak and SFS means Snap for Snap or shoutout for shoutout to promote each other snap streaks.

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