How to Find Friend’s Birthday on Snapchat

How to Find Friend's Birthday on Snapchat

In our day-to-day busy life, we cannot remember our friend’s or family members’ birthdays sometimes. In that case, Snapchat can be a great help in remaining a friend’s birth date even if it is near date. Snapchat keeps track of friend’s birthdays in their database and automatically reminds the day of their birthday by putting … Read more

How to Log Out of Snapchat

how to log out of snapchat

As we all know Snapchat is a popular picture and video sharing application that keep users updated with its amazing geofilters, emoticons, bitmojis, and many more. Snapchat is like any other social media application where you keep signing in even if you close the application. This post will share how to log out of Snapchat … Read more

How to Enable Location on Snapchat

How to Enable Location on Snapchat

According to Statistics, Snapchat will reach 493 million users worldwide by 2022 end and is expected to touch the mark of 500 million by 2024. Snapchat is a widely popular app among youngsters nowadays because of its vibrating features. As this is the favourite application of many people so it is sure that people might … Read more

How to Turn on Dark Mode on Snapchat

Turn on Dark Mode in Snapchat

Snapchat is a popular app for exchanging photos and brief videos. Snapchat now has over 319 million users worldwide. If you’ve had a smartphone for a while, you’ve probably seen that many applications have adopted dark mode or dark themes over time. The business did not begin sending out the dark mode functionality to iOS … Read more

Snapchat Emoji Meanings – Detailed Guide

snapchat emojis explained

Snapchat tracks your app activity and allocates emoticons to your friendship based on how frequently you communicate with each other. So, if you’ve noticed an emoji next to the name of another Snapchat user and aren’t sure what it means, keep reading to learn more about Snapchat emoji meanings and how to become a pro … Read more

How to Email Snapchat

How to Email Snapchat Support

Are you facing issues with your Snapchat account like login problems, Snapchat streaks not updating, want to delete Snapchat account, or password change issues? If yes, then you probably like to contact Snapchat support. Here we are going to share how you can get in touch with Snapchat support on your iOS or Android device. … Read more