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Team Behind Snap Authority

Abhay | CEO

Abhay is the CEO of Snap Authority. Abhay is also the Mastermind behind this website who has taken initiative and got the idea of Snap Authority. He is also an SEO guy with great marketing skills. He has done a Master of Business Administration from the University of Delhi. He loves to play basketball, do research, blogging, and also teching.

Sara | Marketing Specialist

Sara is the Marketing Specialist in Snap Authority. She is a professional in Marketing Specialist and has over 6 years of experience. She also takes care of SEO keyword Research for Snap Authority Website. She suggests and gives various marketing ideas for the website. She is also a Snapchat user for the past 5 years.

Raghav | Senior Content Specialist

Raghav is Senior Content Specialist in Snap Authority. He has 7 years of experience as a Content Writer and has published articles on various big platforms. He has a great grip on writing Snapchat-related content as he is also a Snapchat user for last 7 years. This experience gives Raghav joy and fun writing Snapchat-related content. He has expertise in Snapchat as well as all general topics.

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