3 Financial Apps for Safeguarding Your Funds Whilst Betting Online

Financial Apps

For decades the phrase ‘cash is king’ has been rolling off the tongue of individuals everywhere; and though this particular phrase was first heard in 1988 by the CEO of Volvo, times have most certainly changed since then. Particularly ever since the Covid-19 pandemic, the use of cash has had a detrimental dip, and a lot of retailers now prefer online payments. One industry that has seen a rise in online spending is the world of Online Casinos. Not solely because that’s the only way to spend time in these online games, but because technology as a whole has advanced so much that people prefer this form to physical entities. The rise in online gambling in 2023 until 2030 is expected to see a rise of 11.7%, and an incredible industry net worth of $153 billion – so staying clued up on spending safely should be your top priority.

Financial Apps

With this growth comes a plethora of brands popping up offering you as the consumer a variety of games to make money online. The renowned ones are very safe, and when you spend big, you win bigger. But what to do when you’re looking to store all of that cash? We’ve done some digging on the best Apps for you to safeguard your funds when you want to keep their worth. Financial apps come with pros and cons, so waying up the best method is key to ensuring you are cash smart, and cash safe.

PayPal isn’t something new, and chances are you’ve been using it for years – but they’re actually one of the safest companies to spend your money with (and store it, too). Online casinos usually do accept a variety of methods of payments and accounts for withdrawal, but PayPal is a great way due to the safeguarding in which they do, and their secure and reliable methods. The company is extremely fast when it comes to transactions, so when you’re playing poker for real money, you can also withdraw it just as fast as winning! Regardless of the device you are using, whether that’s PC, Apple or Android phones, PayPal gives you an online e-wallet which allows you to store funds, spend them, and withdraw as fast as you like. This safe and reliable way is often chosen by many individuals who dabble in the online betting scene, as their fees are far lower than any other competitor. Meaning there are more winnings for you, and less for those financial entities – result!

  • ZenGo

Not as renowned as the infamous PayPal, ZenGo is more for the storing of your financial funds that happen to be cryptocurrency. Since 2018, ZenGo has had zero wallets hacked, meaning for the world of Crypto – it’s extremely secure. But what is it? Firstly, Crypto Casinos alone are all the craze right now, but prioritizing your financial position is especially important. Though you win huge when it comes to these up-and-coming casinos, your crypto needs to be stored in an online wallet that is safe from attacks. Crypto wallets are a secure storage location for your online currencies, and they’re often known as ‘hot wallets’. ZenGo is one of the most known of the array of options, and it enables you to send, receive, store and spend all at the tip of your fingertips. In particular, ZenGo is compatible with 70 of the leading cryptocurrencies, so signing up to this one is the place for serious longevity.

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  • Venmo

With almost 90 million Venmo users across the world, there’s a reason this form of payment is so popular in the betting space. Born in 2009, the company was actually later bought by our top spot PayPal, so you can guarantee that this company is worth trusting. The digital wallet is a personal-use only payment method that allows you to spend, store and pay. Originally created as a method for friends to calculate the splitting costs when out and about, Venmo has grown into a financial entity to beat the best. The gambling sector online has seen Venmo users increase, and in fact, bodies that accept this form of payment are seen as trustworthy sites. All transactions when run through Venmo are encrypted, secure and are classed as faster payments, so the minute you withdraw your dollars, the moment you get to spend them without delay. 

Regardless of which app you choose to download, it really depends on what you are looking for. In the online casino space, the most secure and reliable method for adding funds to your spending account is an e-wallet, which all of these apps provide. By doing this instead of your regular credit or debit card, you are opting for a digital form that has fastly grown into one of the leading financially reliable choices in the gambling sector. Ensure that any app you download has been regulated by the financial governing bodies, and you’ll be on track to be safer when spending your money online.

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