What Does The Hourglass Emoji Mean On Snapchat?

hourglass emoji meaning

There are a variety of unusual emojis on Snapchat, and most of them are so peculiar that it’s impossible to figure out that why they’re present there. However, if you’re a regular Snapchat user, you need to be familiar with the concept of such emojis. They assist in the transmission of important information about your Snapchat activity, notably your Snapstreak.

Users may, however, stumble across the small hourglass emoji⌛️ beside a friend’s name when forming Streaks with their buddies.  What does Snapchat’s hourglass imply? What is the purpose of it being there?

If you’re one of several confused people looking for solutions, you’ve chosen the ideal location. Keep reading this article to learn everything regarding the Snapchat hourglass emoji⌛️.

meaning of hourglass emoji in snapchat
Hourglass Emoji Meaning

What Is The Meaning Of Hourglass On Snapchat⌛️

The Hourglass emoji beside your friend’s name is displayed on Snapchat whenever a snap streak is near to end. When you see there is a Snapchat hourglass emoji, it implies that you haven’t sent any snaps to your buddy in the last 24 hours.

A Snapstreak is indeed the fire icon that shows with the hourglass emoji⌛️for individuals who don’t know what it really is. A Snapstreak is while you and a buddy have been sending snaps on a routine basis, as signified by the fire emoji. If you don’t exchange snaps within 24 hours, you lose your Snapstreak.

Snapchat’s latest update uses the hourglass emoji to indicate when your Snapstreak is coming to an end. It is indeed letting you know that you have not yet exchanged photos within the last 20 hours or more. You and your pal must send one another snaps within 24 hours to keep your streak going; otherwise, you will lose your snap streak.

Purpose Of Hourglass Emoji On Snapchat⌛️

The hourglass emoji serves as a reminder that the 24-hour Snapstreak period is approaching its conclusion. This emoji, which appears beside the fire emoji, acts as a reminder to take a snap to maintain the Snap streak alive.

The “hourglass” icon validates the use of the symbol in this context because it genuinely encourages you to act swiftly in order to maintain your streak going and keep the numbers high.

You might now be questioning whenever this notification will appear. Also, how much time had gone since such emoji first appeared.

The hourglass emoji⌛️ appears if the Snapstreak timer reaches the 20th hour after the last snap sharing. This gives you with 4 hours, which is plenty of time to keep the streak going until it expires.

The hourglass emoji should vanish on its own when you’ve sent a picture to the friend within the specified time.

Final Words

If you don’t see the hourglass emoji⌛️ soon, you could only have a few hours to keep the streak going. So get in touch with your pal and attempt to swap photos as soon as feasible.

Unfortunately, streaks sometimes vanish owing to system issues or busy pals who don’t keep up with their Snapchat activity on a regular basis. If your pal Snapstreak vanished, don’t panic & just read the guide on how to get my Streak back on Snapchat. If you’re serious about keeping a lengthy streak going, it’s as simple as making sure to swap snaps at most once a day.


What is the duration of the Snapchat Hourglass?

When you’ve not snapchatted with one another for more than 24 hours, the Snapchat Hourglass emoji ⌛️displays, and it’s reasonable to presume it lasts that long. It can be referred as a countdown of your snap streaks. To keep your streak alive, you must swap snaps during the next 24 hours.

Is the hourglass⌛️ visible on Snapchat for both users?

They do, in fact. Both buddies will be able to view the hourglass emoji because it shows on both sides.

What does the term “Snapchat hourglass⌛️” mean?

The “hourglass”⌛️ emoji on Snapchat serves as a reminder to move swiftly in order to prevent your Snapstreak from ending and to maintain those numbers up and going before it ends.

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