How to Create a Private Story on Snapchat

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Snapchat Stories can be a way to show friends what are you up to the whole day. Putting stories on Snapchat is fun when your day is great or you are going for an adventure. Snapchat is a great way of sharing pictures, snaps, or videos with friends and family. Adding your close friends on Snapchat is easy but sometimes you add those friends you don’t talk anymore & also sometimes you add your family members too. Sharing your moments with friends is great but sometimes you don’t want to share some stories with every person you added on Snapchat. At that particular time, the only option is to create a Private Story on Snapchat.

Snapchat has a great feature to add a Private Story where you can choose a bunch of people to share your memories or snaps to. When you want to share personal stories, you want your preferred friends should see them. So, Snapchat has this Private Story option for you where you can add stories for your daily routine of some special moments. Those selective persons will be able to watch your private story. Now you might be thinking, how do I create a private story on Snapchat? In this guide, we will help you out with how to do private story on Snapchat or how to create a Private Story on Snapchat.

What are Snapchat Stories?

Snapchat Stories are the captured moments or pictures called as “Snap” that you can use to show your friends through your Story. Snapchat gives you two options i.e,

  • My Story
  • Snap Map

What is My Story on Snapchat?

We can say a Snapchat Story or My Story is a collection of snaps or pictures that is set as a Story in your profile. It will automatically disappear within 24 hours and it is set to visible to all your friends by default. Your friends can see your story as many times they want but you can also put a limit on who sees your story.

What is Snap Map?

The second one is “Snap Map” which is a different model. Whenever you put any story on Snap Map, then this story will be available for everyone in that particular location. This is designed so anyone can share their memories with the whole world. If you share any story and add it on Snap Map, it will be available to everyone. Any person can see that story(by tapping on your location) but your name will not be visible(if you have a private account). Obviously, Snapchat designed this feature so people can explore any place throughout the world, share their travel moments, share particular location snaps, capture beautiful locations, and so on. The main idea is that more than one person can contribute to Snap Map.

Both stories will be available on your profile for 24 hours and after that, it will disappear automatically.

What is a Snapchat Private Story?

Snapchat Private story is a feature where you can set your friends whom you want to share your stories with. However, Private Stories give you the benefit where you can select individuals who can view your content. With privacy settings, you can make your account private but adding a normal My Story will not give you the benefit of sharing content that Private Story gives.

How to Make a Private Story on Snapchat?

You can make a private story on Snap with the below steps on any of your devices including iPhone, iPad, or Android:

1. Open Snapchat application.

2. Head over to your profile section.

Go to Profile Section
Go to Profile Section

3. In My Stories section, tap on “New Story”.

New Private Story on Snapchat
New Story

4. Now Pick your Story Type as “New Private Story”.

New Private Story
New Private Story

5. Select the friends whom you want to give access to your story and tap “Create Story“.

Add friends for private story
Add friends for private story

6. Now Name Your Story and tap Done.

Name Private Story
Name Private Story

7. Tap on Private Story you just added.

Create a Private Story on Snapchat
Create a Private Story on Snapchat

8. Take a Snap or Video and tap Send.

Add private story for friends
Add private story for friends

9. You’re Done. This is how you can create Snapchat private stories.

See My Private Story
See My Private Story

Note: Only You can contribute to your private stories.

What is Custom Story on Snapchat?

Custom stories are the latest feature that is added to Snapchat. You can create a “New Custom Story” on Snapchat where anyone who joins or you add can contribute. That means you and your friends also can contribute their own snaps to Custom Story. Custom stories can only be seen by contributors as default settings. However, you can change the settings and make other friends see your contributed story too.

How to Make a Custom Story?

1. Open Snapchat

2. Go to your profile section.

3. Tap on “New Story”.

4. Tap “New Custom Story” option.

5. Select the friends and tap “Create Story”.

6. Now, Name Your Story and tap Done.

7. Tap on your Custom Story just added.

8. Create a Snap and post it.

9. Done. This is the method to create Snapchat Custom Story.

What is a Geo Story?

Geo Stories use your geofencing location where you can create a story that displays your location. In Geo story, Snapchat automatically draw a radius to your story so anyone within that radius can contribute to your Snapchat Geo story. Any friends, mutual friends or others can contribute to your Geo story within that radius if you allow them to.

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Final Words

In this guide, we hope you get how to make a Snapchat Private Story as well as the custom stories. If you want to delete a Snapchat Story from your profile, you can also do it easily. From this post, we hope now you also think creating a Snapchat private story is a super easy task. So, will you make a Private Story and share snaps with your friends? I hope giving a try once to private stories is great. Try it!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do people know when you create a private Snapchat story?

The answer is No. Only those people will be able to see your Snapchat private story or you created a private story who you granted permission to. But the viewer can be able to see that you have posted private content or story.

Does Snapchat notify when you create a private story?

No, Snapchat won’t notify added person that you created a private story. This will be the same as you post a normal story on Snapchat.

How to see who has seen your private story on Snapchat?

You can see who has seen your private story. Once someone has seen your private story, Snapchat will show who has seen it and show his/her name.

How to leave a Snapchat private story?

To leave a private story, tap and hold your finger on the story and a popup will appear. Now tap on Story Settings>Leave Private Story.

Can I add more friends to my existing Private Snapchat Story?

Yes, you can add more friends to your existing story. Go to your profile section & Head over to Private Story. Tap on three dots and a popup will appear. Now tap “See viewers” and your friend list will appear. Now you can add as many friends you want.

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