How to Make or Create a Snapchat Group

If you love using Snapchat more than any other social media application, then you might want to use Snapchat as chatting with a group of favorite friends. Making a Snapchat group and adding only your favorite people and sending them your daily activity will be fun. This is the reason friends choose to create a Snapchat group for friends. Creating a group on Snapchat is an easy task. Here we will guide you through the easy process of how to make a Snapchat group in no time.

What are Snapchat Groups?

Snapchat groups are same like other social media groups where you can add multiple people or you can talk to more than a single person. Groups are used to talk to a bunch of people in one time. Snapchat group is used to share memories between friends where friends can capture and share their daily activities with each other.

Using Snapchat group can be fun as we all know Snapchat allows disappearing chats or Snaps once a person read or seen it. Snapchat Group Snaps do not count as Snapstreaks with your friends. You can also check who has seen your Snaps in a group. You just need to press and hold a chat to see how many friends have viewed, read, or saved your snap or chat.

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How to Create a Snapchat Group?

As we have already mentioned, creating a group on Snapchat is a easy process. You can make a group on Snapchat in your iPhone or Android. Follow the below steps to proceed.

1. Open the Snapchat application.

2. Go to chats at the bottom of the screen. ( You can also swipe left from the Snapchat camera to go to chat.)

Open Snapchat Chats

3. You will see a “New Chat” button on the bottom right corner of the screen. Tap on the “New Chat” button.

Create new message in Snapchat for making new group

4. Now you will see a “New Chat” page. Tap on “New Group” to create a Group.

Create New Group in Snapchat

5. Give a name to your new group by writing “New Group Name”.

Type Group Name in Snapchat

6. After Naming your Group, add members to the group.

Add friends in Snapchat Group

7. After adding members, tap “Chat with Group” in the bottom of the screen.

8. Now you can see your New Group on Snapchat. You can send snaps or chat in the groups. Your added friends will be able to see new chats or Snaps in this group.

Create a snapchat group

9. You can tap on Group Name or icon to view more settings.

Snapchat group info

10. From this page, you can change Snapchat group Bitmoji, add new friend, remove a friend.

Snapchat Group settings

11. Done.

Final Words

This is how you can create a Snapchat group within a few seconds. Making a group on Snapchat give you the authority to create and snap your daily memorable moments with friends. The best thing about creating a group is you can share your memories with all your friends on Snapchat. You can even add any of your friends whether they are college friends, school friends or your co-worker. Sharing good memories together is the main motive of using Snapchat. This is all about creating Snap group & if you have any questions, feel free to comment below or contact Snap Authority.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Create a Snapchat Group Invite Link?

To Create a Snapchat group invite link, open Snapchat setting by tapping the group icon. Then click on add friends and you will see “invite to group via link”. Click on it and share link with friends directly.

How many friends can I add in a Snapchat Group?

You can add up to 100 members to a Snapchat Group.

How to Leave a Snapchat Group?

ave a Snapchat Group, tap on Snapchat group icon on the top left corner of the screen, then tap on three dots on the top right corner of the screen, after that tap “Leave Group”.

How to Edit a Group Name on Snapchat?

Tap on the Snapchat Group icon. After that tap on three dots on the top right corner of the screen. Now you will see “Edit Group Name”, tap on it and change the group name.

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