How to Add Location on Snapchat

How to Add Location on Snapchat

Snapchat is one of the most favorable app among everyone because of its tons of creative filters, stickers as well as daily updated Lens. You can make a simple snap or video with Snapchat and make it super awesome with its own beautiful filters. Creating interactive Snaps and sending out to friends and maintaining steaks is the best way to survive on Snapchat. So, with filters, there is also an add location option or geofilter option on Snapchat & we are going to talk about it. We will know how to add location on Snapchat pictures or videos and let friends know whether you are in a Cafe, university, Job location, or out of town having fun.

How to Add Location to Snapchat in iPhone and Android

Follow these steps to add a location geofilter. The process is same for Android or iPhone.

Step 1: Open the Snapchat app and take a picture or video.

Step 2: Now click on the sticker button on the right-hand side of the screen.

select stickers button

Step 3: Tap on the third option i.e, Location. (Make sure your Location is turned on for Snapchat)

tap in location

Step 4: Here you will see a list of available locations. You can choose from them or if you find them inaccurate, you can use search box to find accurte one.

get your location

Step 5: Once you click on a specific location, it will show on your Photo or video. You can move it and place it anywhere on the screen. You can also change its color by tapping on the location filter.

add location in snapchat

Step 6: You have successfully added a Location filter in your Snap or Snap video. You can send the snap to a specific friend, or friends or you can also post it to your Story or Snap Map.

How to Add a Location Filter to a Post (2nd Method)

People love to add Snapchat location filter or geofilter because it looks cool that you are exploring a location. One way we have discussed above where we take any Snap and search for available location filters and add it to our Snap. Now we will also learn about another method of adding location filter in our snap.

Filters on Snapchat change on daily basis and is a great way to make any picture or video interactive and cool. There are also alot of geofilters available on the app. This feature makes the app unique among all other social media platforms. Here we are going to know how to select the Snap overlay design that shows your location.

Note: Snapchat works the same on Android, iPhone, or iPad. So, if you have iPhone device or Android device, you can use these steps.

Step 1: Go to the Snapchat application and open it.

Step2: Take any picture or video.

take any snap

Step 3: Now start swiping to left or right across the screen & you will see filters changing.

swipe left to right for filters

Step 4: Once you see a location filter, stop swiping.

get location filter

Step 6: When you find your favorite location filter, you can send the Snap to your friends or add it to your story.

How to Add a Location to a Snapchat Streak

If you are using Snapchat then you must have heard about the term “Streak”. Snapchat streak is a feature where two friends send snaps to each other daily, & on the basis of that their streak grows.

Streak on Snapchat only work if both friends keeps sending at least one Snap(or more than that) on daily basis. The only way to maintain a streak is when both friends will participate by sending snaps equally daily and no more than 24 hours pass from the time of the last snap. There are many hardcore Snapchat users who are maintaining their streaks for a long time and have created records.

To add a location on Snapchat streak, you have to add it manually either from the sticker option we mention above or second is the swipe method we discussed earlier. To create and add a location to a streak on Android or iPhone, follow these steps:

Step 1: Head over to Snapchat app and take a Snap.

Step 2: Tap on the sticker button on the right-hand side of the screen.

select stickers button

Step 3: Now tap on “Location”.

tap location

Step 4: Choose the location from the options or search for the correct location.

choose a location

Step 4: You will see the location filter on the Snap. Now you can send the snap to your friends to maintain the streak with a location filter.

location added

More About Location Filter on Snapchat

Location filter is a way to tell your friends where you are in a particular time. You can add location to a snap whenever you are in some cool place like a beach, a hotel, or a restaurant. Another usage of this filter is that you are letting your friends know about your location history. You can add a location on your Story or Snap Map if you are visiting a cool place and take advantage of the feature.

Other social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram also has a location filter but the Snap location filter is amazing as they give us more creative feature on location and add new geofilters every day. Make sure you have updated your Snapchat app whether you are using Android or iOS because the better you update the app, the better you will get more features and filters.

Final Words

We hope you have been amazed with the daily updating of the location filter in the app and we hope you will try it. Now, as you know how to add location filter on Snapchat, you may also look at how to add music to Snapchat. We hope you will make great Snapchat streaks using these features. You can enable location on Snapchat if you want to your live location with friends. Let us know if you have any questions regarding the topic. Happy Snapchatting!


How do you add your own location on Snapchat?

To add your own location, Take a picture from the Snapchat app, tap on the sticker button on the top right-hand corner. Now tap “Location” and choose your most accurate location from the options or search it on your own.

Can You put any location on Snapchat or fake a location?

Yes, you can put any location on a Snap. Just take a picture on the app, and tap on the stickers button on the top right-hand corner. Now tap the “Location” button and you will see your location names there. You will see a search box there and type your desired location on the search box and once you find the location, tap on it and it will appear on your Snap. Now you can send the Snap to your friends.

How to add restaurant location on Snapchat

Go to Snapchat and take a picture. Head over to Stickers and select “Location”. Here you will see your current location. If you didn’t get what you wanted then you can also search for a specific location of restaurant location and add it to Snap.

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